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Track the Brightest Fall Foliage Across the Country With This Helpful Map

Track the Brightest Fall Foliage Across the Country With This Helpful Map

If you love seeing the bright oranges, reds, and yellows of fall foliage, this helpful map should help you keep track of the nation’s brightest colors as they appear across the country over the next few weeks. Compiled by Flourish Studio, the map includes information about which states are at their peak of brightness, what times you can expect to see the most vibrant colors in each state, and even tips on where you can find the best spots to view foliage in each state. Use it as your go-to resource as we head into fall!

The Best States to Visit

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New England is absolutely stunning this time of year, with colors at their peak from Maine to Rhode Island. The hues are among the most brilliant in North America, with one of the brightest displays coming from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and New Hampshire’s White Mountains. If you don’t have time to trek out to these areas, New York City provides a stunning view of Central Park and Long Island for leaf peeping. Chicago also has some excellent foliage that awaits! For many parts of the city, like Wicker Park or Humboldt Park, it’s not too late to see fall colors. But if you’re looking for something more rural, head north on I-94 to reach Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or northeast on I-90 through Wisconsin.

The Most Popular Places

Start by scrolling over the map for an up-to-date list of recommendations. Each state has at least one fall foliage spot included in this list. Some spots are currently open and have a few extra weeks left, while others are still getting ready to make their appearance. The list is ordered by most popular fall foliage spots in each state, starting with Vermont on top, then Maine, and so on.For example, if you’re looking for Connecticut’s recommendation, scroll down until you see it near the bottom. New York does not offer any specific spots because it’s large enough that there is no set location – just get out there and explore!

The Most Beautiful Places

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The fall foliage in each state ranges from bright oranges to rich reds, vibrant yellows and deep purples. If you’re looking for the best places to enjoy the colorful show of nature as it changes with each passing day, then you’ll want to map out your ideal destination and get ready for a visual feast. You’ll find some of the most intense colors in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. States like Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida offer milder displays that are worth checking out.

A Few Last Tips

Thanksgiving week is just around the corner and there’s no better time to kick back with family, friends, and of course, some tasty treats. Get out of your house and make a trip to one of these spots that are known for their beautiful foliage this time of year. Remember to take lots of pictures so you can reminisce about it later! Happy Thanksgiving from us at Xo Maps!

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