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The 3 Cities With the Most Majestic Skylines in the World

The 3 Cities With the Most Majestic Skylines in the World

One of the most iconic views of any city is its skyline. Whether it’s the Manhattan skyline, the Chicago skyline, or any other, a skyline can define your experience and expectations of a place in ways that few other images can. In this list of the 3 cities with the most majestic skylines in the world, you’ll find places that are sure to be on your bucket list—places you can’t miss! Get ready to pack your bags and plan an unforgettable vacation because you’re about to see some of the most beautiful skylines in the world!

Hong Kong, China

Image Source- CNN

China has some of the most stunning skyscrapers we’ve ever seen. It offers both visitors and residents a spectacular perspective because 43 of its buildings stand higher than 200 metres. You can see why it’s amazing to view from a distance considering that four of its buildings are among the world’s fifteen tallest. Shanghai, China: Shanghai is another city in China with a skyline that will leave you speechless. If you’re up for an adventure, then visit Shanghai at night as the building lights up creating an even more dazzling effect. New York City, USA: The Big Apple is known for its massive size and sky-high apartment buildings.

New York, USA

Image Source- WallpaperAccess

New York City is not referred to be a “concrete jungle” for nothing. Nevertheless, isn’t that what gives the New York skyline its allure? Both in the real world and infinite Hollywood blockbusters, it is full with enchantment and history. How could you not have skin-chilling sensations? The iconic Twin Towers of the original WTC are visible from everywhere in Manhattan, even from street level.
New York also has an eclectic mix of skyscrapers and historical buildings like Grand Central Terminal or the Woolworth Building.

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Tokyo, Japan

Image Source- Hoponworld

One of the most seductive sights on earth may be the nighttime view of the Tokyo skyline. Numerous neon lights tell a tale of contemporary technology and aesthetic beauty at the same time, and the building’s cutting-edge design keeps breaking new ground. A great awe is created when you include the distant picture of Mount Fuji.
Tokyo’s night sky is certainly one of its most striking features.
Lisbon, Portugal: When you are planning your vacation for 2014, you should include a stop in Lisbon, Portugal. Among its many sights and attractions is Miradouro de Santa Catarina, located near Rossio Square.

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