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The Five Best Places in Hanoi for Art Lovers

The Five Best Places in Hanoi for Art Lovers

If you’re an art lover visiting Hanoi, Vietnam, don’t miss out on the following five must-see places where you can experience the arts like never before. From the old to the new, and everything in between, these five places will give you something to talk about back home and make your Hanoi trip that much more memorable!

Temple of Literature

Image Source- Journey on air

The Confucius Temple of Literature is housed in one of Hanoi’s most recognisable structures. It was constructed in 1070 and today houses the Imperial Academy, Vietnam’s first national university, together with beautifully planted gardens, altars, and shrines. It’s also home to a well-known statue of China’s famous scholar, poet and politician Quoc Tu Giam. The temple has been visited by kings, emperors and international dignitaries over centuries and has seen many significant events take place there.

Hanoi Opera House

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One of the three opera houses constructed in Indochina during French colonial control is the Hanoi Opera House. It first opened its doors at the start of the 20th century, and it continues to be well-known today, holding opera, dance, and classical music events. Notable performances include La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi and The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In contrast to other more traditional Western venues, seating is assigned upon arrival as opposed to standing in an assigned place. There are a variety of ticket prices available depending on when you purchase them and which performance you attend.

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Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Image Source- TripAdvisor

One of the most unusual theatres you’ll ever see is located in Hanoi. With a Vietnamese orchestra performing traditional music, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, which has been active for more than 50 years, will expose you to the enchanted world of water puppetry performances. The theatre and its performances have attracted tourists from all over the world, and they’re always looking forward to their next visit. There’s no better way to understand this uniquely Vietnamese art form!

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