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The Most Popular Places Tourists Go for Their Healing Powers

The Most Popular Places Tourists Go for Their Healing Powers

There are many places around the world with healing powers; some of them are known by the local people, and others have to be discovered by those who travel there. Regardless of how they came to be, these top tourist destinations with healing powers offer not only their beautiful views but their natural remedies as well, making them popular among tourists from all over the world. If you’re planning a vacation this year and want to explore new places while also improving your health, consider one of these destinations listed below that we believe you’ll love!

Machu Picchu

Image Source- Intrepid Travel

Historians still don’t fully understand many aspects of the Incan fortress of Machu Picchu, including its construction. The views from the citadel and its historic architecture draw many visitors, but some are drawn by the very potent energy that the location was constructed upon. To obtain knowledge, healers and shamans from all over the world travel to Machu Picchu. Frequently, they describe feeling a connection to the location even before they arrive. For others, it’s as if the power in this place is calling them home. Those who have been healed can usually sense when another person has been cured by their visit to this spiritual site.

The Dead Sea

Image Source- Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, which is situated between Israel and Jordan, is really a salt lake rather than a sea. Science has now demonstrated the true physical advantages of the water’s high salt and mineral content, but for a significant portion of human history, its supposed healing abilities were attributed to something mysterious. Despite the Dead Sea being predicted to entirely dry up within the next several decades, people still travel there to take advantage of its perks. In addition to relaxing in the water (which can be very soothing) many also enjoy floating in it. People with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis have seen relief from their symptoms by soaking in the Dead Sea waters, which contain more than twenty-four grams per liter of magnesium sulfate–a compound that helps form natural cell membranes and heal skin cells faster.

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The Ganges River

Image Source- Culture Trip

Hinduism regards the Ganges as a holy body of water that attracts over 20 million domestic and international tourists in search of its purported therapeutic properties. Despite the fact that the river is highly dirty, residents nevertheless use it for swimming and even drink its water. There are also many reports of life-changing experiences due to the pollution: one such example is Krishna who contracted leprosy when he was nine years old but after taking his bath in the Ganges, he healed from leprosy completely.
One day at dawn I saw some pilgrims bathing at the ghats with lamps in their hands and afterwards going to the opposite bank where fires were burning on altars outside small temples.

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