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The American Dream: The Rebirth of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

The American Dream: The Rebirth of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Throughout the history of America, the city of Pittsburgh has been a beacon of hope for citizens who were not familiar with what was going on in the rest of their country. It’s history has proven to be one that shows us how the American dream can transform from its humble beginnings and grow into something larger than you could ever imagine. If you are unfamiliar with the changes that have taken place in this city over the years, you need to check out these 5 reasons why you should visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA!


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Riding a bike along the Great Allegheny Passage, or GAP Trail, along the peaceful riverbank walkways is a great way to see the city. It will lead you through breathtaking murals, across bridges, and through parks. You can pedal the entire 335 miles to Washington, DC, if you’re motivated to do so. If not, unwind at the Sly Fox brewery with a drink.

Tasting Tour
The Strip District’s warehouses near the city’s centre, along the Allegheny River, have lately been transformed to accommodate a range of ethnic food shops and cafés. The different ethnic cuisines of the city may be sampled on a “Burgh Bits & Bites” tour. There is an Italian butcher shop, of course, but there’s also Middle Eastern Hummus and Pita bread, Greek specialties, Empanadas and Tamales from Reyna’s Latin American groceries, as well as Greek specialties.


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One of the top institutions in America and the first to begin collecting the “Old Masters of Tomorrow,” the Carnegie Museum of Art. Its large, high-ceilinged galleries are perfect for showcasing what was previously referred to as Modern Art, with American landscape painters rubbing shoulders with impressionists, cubists, and surrealists.

Pittsburgh is home to the largest museum in the world devoted to only one artist, Andy Warhol, which is housed on seven stories of a former Victorian warehouse. It also features historical collections of Warhol possessions in addition to notable pop art and portraiture.

The Mattress Factory’s installations, movies, and performance art elevate alternative art genres to a new level. It is renowned for stretching the limits of the artist and the observer. Exhibitions in 2022 will feature works by renowned artist Doreen Chan as well as “Shrine,” a celebration of Black motherhood created with the help of the Sibyls Shrine local arts residency in Pittsburgh.


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Pittsburghers consider NFL football to be a religion, and the city’s club, the Steelers, had an incredible run in the 1970s, winning four Super Bowls in a row. The Acrisure Stadium draws spectators from all across the USA on match days, many coming early on Saturday to start the festivities. Even though I saw them lose to the New England Patriots, the atmosphere inside the stadium is electrifying.

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Clemente Museum

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The biggest collection of Roberto Clemente memorabilia is housed in a museum dedicated to the Pittsburgh baseball icon in Lawrenceville’s historic Engine House 25. He joined The Pirates in 1954 and eventually proceeded to become one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He was born in Puerto Rico. Surprisingly, Duane Rieder, the company’s creator and curator, creates wine in the basement using grapes from top producers in South Africa, Chile, and California. It really is excellent.

Moonshot Museum

Pittsburgh’s blast furnaces and rolling mills have been supplanted by technology and education. There is a glass wall on one side of the brand-new Moonshot Museum inside the corporate headquarters of space robotics business Astrobotic Technology Inc. where you can observe actual lunar landers and rovers being constructed and prepared for flight to the Moon. Future human space exploration is the subject of the interactive exhibitions.

Frank Lloyd Wright
In 1887 Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house for Richard B. Mellon’s family. It is now the largest and most complete example of his work in its original form. Tours are offered by the museum to view the interior spaces and learn about the site’s history.

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