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3 Ways to Save Money on Food When Staying at a Hotel

3 Ways to Save Money on Food When Staying at a Hotel

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you’re probably familiar with the prices they charge for basic services, like wifi and room service. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Follow these simple ways to save money on food when staying at a hotel to make your vacation more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Free Breakfast
One of the best benefits of staying at a hotel is the complimentary breakfast that some of them provide. If you can, reserve a room at a hotel that offers it, and have a substantial breakfast to get the most out of the first meal of the day. Take some fruit and snacks with you everywhere you go as well. That way, if you find yourself hungry in the afternoon but don’t want to spend money eating out, you have something available to snack on. Check Groupon or Living Social for deals on food while visiting your destination; they often offer discounts at local restaurants that are too good not to buy into. There’s no point spending money every time you’re hungry when there are so many ways for hotels (and travelers) save!

Grocery Shopping
The little fridge in your room is probably there, but you should never use it. All of the items within can be purchased for at least two times cheaper at a nearby supermarket. Grocery shopping is a lot better alternative than using a hotel mini bar if you want to eat some snacks and have a drink in between meals. One way that is also great for saving money while staying at a hotel is cooking food in your own kitchen with utensils that were provided by the hotel.
Another good option is making your own breakfast before leaving home and bringing it with you to save money on food when staying at a hotel or even eating out for lunch or dinner. You could always order breakfast from the menu if you do not feel like doing so yourself.

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Eat Outside
When it’s feasible, dine outside rather than at a hotel every time. It will also enable you to immerse in the culinary scene of the nation that you’re visiting because you’ll get to experience numerous local delicacies, in addition to being a more cost-effective solution because hotel cuisine frequently costs too much. If you stay within an urban location and need a quick snack, then look for food trucks or small restaurants close by which are most likely less expensive than a hotel restaurant.
Restaurant food is often cheaper than what is served in hotels; so if you’ve got some cash to spend but not much appetite then this is the best way to save money while traveling abroad!

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