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Breathtaking National Parks in Venezuela That You Won’t Want to Miss

Breathtaking National Parks in Venezuela That You Won’t Want to Miss

Venezuela has 19 national parks, and each one is as spectacular as the last. However, not all of them are equally accessible, so you’ll want to make sure to prioritize your list according to your interests, the time of year you’re traveling and your budget in order to make the most of your trip. The three parks listed here are the perfect introduction to Venezuela’s impressive national park system.

Canaima National Park
If you don’t visit Canaima National Park, your trip to Venezuela won’t be complete. This national park will win you over with its biodiversity and commanding table mountains in addition to being home to the top tourist destination in the nation, Angel Falls. Alongside the impressive waterfalls of Iguazu, these are some of the most well-known natural wonders in all of South America. The Auyantepui region of the Gran Sabana is an excellent place for seeing the enormous tabletop mountains that dominate much of Venezuela’s landscape. The granite spires known as tepuis have been around since the time of Pangaea, so they’re a geological marvel to behold. The Roraima Massif is also here where you can find out how life evolves on a plateau that remains above 2,000 meters elevation year-round.

Avila National Park
Never leave Venezuela without visiting this national park, which is renowned for its breathtaking vistas, unspoiled surroundings, and challenging walks, if you consider yourself a true explorer who enjoys exploring hilly terrains. The most popular hikes here are the Avila Mountain, El Palenque Trail, Los Guácharos Trail, Las Mesas Trail and the Vieques Caves. If you’re an adventure-seeking nature lover who likes getting up close and personal with Mother Nature’s grandeur, then Avila Park should be your top destination while in Venezuela.

Mochima National Park
Mochima, the most stunning national park in northern Venezuela, offers everything for everyone, from lush mountain ranges to pristine beaches teeming with whales and dolphins. The only problem is that it’s difficult to reach. So what are you waiting for? Start your adventures with a visit to one of the world’s natural treasures today! It will take patience, determination and some luck (and lots of cash) to reach this remote gem but if you’re up for the challenge then be sure to include these breathtaking Venezuelan parks on your bucket list.

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Médanos de Coro National Park
Venezuela’s unending natural diversity is one thing we enjoy. Even if you’re searching for a desert-like natural park, this nation won’t let you down. Sand dunes and little vegetation dominate the vast, open area of Médanos de Coro, which matches that description admirably. However, it’s not as boring as it may seem – sandboarding here is an absolute must-do!
Mérida State Parks: Mérida State Parks are four different locations with beaches and white sands. If you want to feel like you’ve entered another world altogether, these parks are the way to go. Bring your fishing pole or pack some surf gear for a day at the beach with family or friends!

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