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You Can Now Stay in Outer Space: 4 Of the Most Spectacular Places to Stay

You Can Now Stay in Outer Space: 4 Of the Most Spectacular Places to Stay

With all the recent changes in outer space law, you can now stay in space for your next vacation. There are many hotels and inns to choose from, and each one has their own amenities, advantages, and disadvantages that you should take into consideration before making a final decision. Here are four of the most spectacular places to stay if you’re planning your next trip to outer space.

Mission to Space Villa, Florida
If you enjoy Walt Disney World, the Mission to Space villa is perfect for you. The park is nearby, yet it’s only 30 minutes away, so there’s no need to travel far for enjoyment. The villa contains a movie theater, an arcade, and a bowling alley, so there is always something to do there. For space fans, the room is also tastefully designed with a mix of vintage and futuristic aesthetics. The artwork on the ceiling and walls that depict the cosmos are very lovely.

Apollo 11 Ship, New Zealand
You have to sacrifice a lot when you travel to space, including comfort. On a little undersized rocket, astronauts made their first voyage to the moon. But despite the challenging conditions, what they witnessed was worth it; someone in New Zealand is already striving to replicate that feeling. The Apollo 11 Ship, a replica of the recognizable spacecraft, at Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve will inspire your creativity. You might fancy yourself as one of those men from the 1960s when you cuddle up in the single-bed ship and drift off to sleep under the stars.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Room, Oregon
Science fiction programming is frequently viewed as a window into the future. We probably won’t be able to use all the advanced technologies depicted in these episodes. The shows are still enjoyable despite this, though. One of the most beloved sci-fi franchises, “Star Trek,” has spawned a number of spin-offs throughout the years. Fans of the original program will enjoy this hotel room in Oregon that is modeled after the USS Enterprise. With a ton of useful amenities and a few pleasant surprises here and there, it’s the perfect place for any die-hard Trekkie to stay.

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Twelve Parsecs, Florida
Another space resort next to Walt Disney World is called Twelve Parsecs by Loma Homes. If you prefer “Star Wars” to “Star Trek,” this hotel is perfect for you because each bedroom is based on a distinct location from the movie series. Hoth, Cloud City, and the Millennium Falcon are all faithfully recreated, giving you the impression that Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia could materialize at any moment. We’re sorry, but we can’t promise that those characters will show up. However, if you’re a “Star Wars” lover, we nearly guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself here.

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