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Top 4 Sweet Treats in Poland: Desserts You Won’t Want to Miss

Top 4 Sweet Treats in Poland: Desserts You Won’t Want to Miss

When you think of the food in Poland, odds are you’re thinking about their famous pierogi or kielbasa. But there’s much more to Polish cuisine than just those two dishes! In this article, we’ll take a look at 4 desserts that will make you want to travel to Poland right away and try them yourself! If you love sweets as much as we do, you won’t want to miss these delicious treats!

Polish Cheesecake

Image Credit : mesohungry, Flickr

This creamy dessert is made with quark cheese, which is similar to ricotta, and has a graham cracker crust. It’s often served with fruit on top, making it the perfect balance of sweet and tart.
Don’t leave Poland without trying Polish cheesecake! It’s similar to regular cheesecake, but made with quark cheese instead of cream cheese. This makes it extremely creamy, a little bit tangy, and incredibly delicious.

Babka Zbożowa ( Cinnamon Sugar Cake )

Image Credit : TY MECHAM

The first sweet treat on our list is the Polish classic babka zbożowa. This cinnamon sugar cake is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. The perfect balance of sweet and savory, this cake is sure to please. The rich flavor of the cinnamon combined with the sweetness of the sugar makes for a delicious combination. And the best part? It’s not too heavy, so you can enjoy it without feeling guilty.

Szarlotka ( Polish apple cake )

Image Credit : SBS

The Polish word szarlotka translates as apple pie, but it is not an apple pie. A szarlotka is a Polish apple cake that is popular during the fall and winter. The cake is made with a layer of apples, a layer of cake, and a layer of streusel. The cake is often served with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

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Toruń Gingerbread

Image Credit : ePuzzle

The first stop on our dessert tour of Poland is the city of Toruń, home to one of the country’s most iconic sweets: gingerbread. These spiced cookies have been made in Toruń for centuries, and each year the city produces over a million of them! If you’re looking for a traditional gingerbread cookie, head to Pierniki Staromiejskie. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try the gingerbread ice cream at Lody Staromiejskie.

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