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The Midnight Sun and Other Reasons to Visit Northern Norway in all Seasons

The Midnight Sun and Other Reasons to Visit Northern Norway in all Seasons

When you think of travel destinations in Europe, Norway may not immediately spring to mind. This country has long days in the summer and the winter, with less of the crowds that you’ll find in better-known travel destinations like Spain or France during the peak season. If you have your heart set on visiting Norway but aren’t sure when to go, you can use this guide to help you decide when to visit Northern Norway, as well as what to see and do once you arrive.


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Norway is beautiful in the spring when nature comes back to life. Because there is still a lot of snow and the days are getting longer and brighter, it is also the greatest season to engage in “winter” activities. Keep in mind that there aren’t many specialised ski resorts in Northern Norway, so off-piste and cross-country skiing are your best bets. By late April, the majority of the snow has gone, revealing a verdant and in blossom countryside. Lofoten, for example, may remain fairly frigid and bleak in the spring and only truly begin to bloom as summer draws near. You would be better off travelling to the Hardangerfjord in the south if you wanted to see the magnificence of the blossoming fruit trees.


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In Northern Norway, the summer is the busiest time of year, and prices rise from early June through early September. Summertime temperatures fluctuate, occasionally reaching 25-30°C (77-86°F) during the day. Be prepared for chilly days as well; in some areas of Northern Norway, including Tromso and Bodo, the average temperature ranges from 12°C to 14°C (53°F to 57°F).In the summer, a lot of visitors come to Northern Norway to see the midnight sun, a phenomena when the sun shines continuously for a complete 24 hours. During this period, a number of activities are available at night, including midnight golf, horseback riding, and sea kayaking. Going for a midnight swim or setting up your tent in the woods are both less expensive choices because everyone in Norway has the freedom to wander.


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Northern Norway is a great place to visit in the autumn. There are many bright days and a lot fewer tourists in September and October. The autumnal colours of the trees make the steep plains and lush forests particularly beautiful.Since sunlight lasts until late in the day, there is still plenty of time to fit in outdoor activities like hiking and nature tours. The finest time of year to observe the Northern Lights is right now. Bring plenty of warm clothing and a pair of waterproofs just in case the skies decide to open up because autumn is a tricky season.

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In the winter, Northern Norway is transformed into a snow-covered tundra that is covered in ice. The nights get dreary and harsh, and the temperature frequently drops well below zero. In locations like Tromso, the sun doesn’t even rise from mid-November until late January. To protect your hands from the freezing temperatures, bring along lots of clothes and a nice pair of insulated gloves.The good news is that Northern Norway is significantly calmer in the winter (except over Christmas). You have a decent possibility of spotting the Northern Lights, which appear most spectacularly on clear, gloomy evenings. More whale species visit the Norwegian shore during the chilly winter months. You could encounter sperm whales, killer whales, and humpback whales if you reserve a whale safari in Andenes in January or February.

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