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The Magical Safari in Kenya That Will Make You Feel Like You’re in the Lion King

The Magical Safari in Kenya That Will Make You Feel Like You’re in the Lion King

A memorable vacation experience starts with an exciting itinerary and an unforgettable destination, but when you can combine the two into an epic adventure, it’s even better. If you want to book the perfect getaway this year, consider this Safari in Kenya that will make you feel like you’re in the Lion King . . . but don’t worry, there are no lions involved! This trip includes all the adventure of Africa’s most iconic park, and it’s just as magical as Simba’s journey through his homeland in the Disney classic.

Relax at the Camp

Relax under that iconic tree, walk among hippos, lions and giraffes, sleep on a bed that’s suspended above the ground and make memories with new friends. Who needs to travel far away when you can have this safari experience right here in South Africa? The team at Out of Africa Wildlife Park promises to give visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with their wild animals without the risks associated with traveling overseas. A big plus is how many people they can host at one time: 300!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

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One of the many unforgettable experiences to be had on a visit to Africa is hot air balloon rides. These flights allow for perfect views of the land and deep into the landscape that you would never get from ground level. There’s an extra bit of thrill knowing that your feet are just dangling from below you and at any moment something might happen!
In case you’re looking for some further persuasion, these are some reasons why hot air balloon rides should be on your bucket list

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Safari Game Drive

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It’s no wonder why Rafiki hands a baby Simba over to Mufasa at this view. The wildlife sightings are excellent. The game drives are especially fun. One of our favorites was a night drive, as we were able to spot animals that were active after dark due to the light from our jeep and the moonlight reflecting off of them. There are plenty of activities for children as well!

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