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The 3 Best Theme Parks in South Africa to Visit With Your Entire Family

The 3 Best Theme Parks in South Africa to Visit With Your Entire Family

No matter what type of theme park you prefer, South Africa has something to offer the whole family. Whether you enjoy thrill rides, water rides, or just spending time in nature, there’s something for everyone here! Here are some of the top theme parks to visit with your entire family in South Africa.

Gold Reef City

Image Source- Agoda

The most famous theme park in Johannesburg, Gold Reef City, is situated on the site of a former gold mine. It was designed with the gold rush in mind and caters to tourists of all ages, from little children riding water slides and roller coasters to their parents enjoying a night at the famous Gold Reef City Casino. To explore it fully, you’ll need more than one day; try going there for an entire weekend. Don’t miss the big kids area! Activities there are more mature but they’re still tons of fun – that’s where you’ll find the highest-speed rides. There’s also plenty for teenagers and adults alike to enjoy like shopping, food courts and an amphitheater featuring live performances year round.

Sun City

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With its on-site amusement parks, Sun City, one of South Africa’s most well-liked luxury resorts, is ideal for family vacations. Its most well-known feature is the Valley of Waves water park, although other famous attractions include Maze of the Lost City, Forest of Lights, and Magic Company. The resort also has an equestrian center and numerous golf courses. Apart from attractions at the resort, visitors should also visit Pilanesberg Game Reserve for safari experiences that are guaranteed to delight children and adults alike.

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uShaka Marine World

Image Source- Holidify

uShaka Marine World ought to be your first choice if you find yourself in Durban with your family and just have time to visit one theme park. It also has various other attractions, such as a water park, beach, rope adventure park, reptile zoo, and a model of an African village, in addition to housing one of the top aquariums in the nation. This place offers both educational and recreational activities that will be enjoyable for any age group, so it is perfect for families.
Additionally, this attraction’s location on the coast means that it’s always easy to get there, even if you don’t live locally.

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