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Mistakes You MUST Avoid If You’re Going To Oktoberfest For The First Time

Mistakes You MUST Avoid If You’re Going To Oktoberfest For The First Time

If you’ve never been to Oktoberfest, you’re missing out on one of the most fun and interesting festivals in the world! But if you go into it without knowing what to expect, you might have a bad time—which isn’t cool if this is your first time going! Use this list of eight things not to do when visiting Oktoberfest if you don’t want your trip to be ruined. If you plan ahead, it can be an amazing experience you’ll never forget!

Skipping Lunch
You might be shocked to see this one here, but at Oktoberfest, beginners frequently make this important error. They become overly exuberant, start drinking before eating a good dinner, and eventually fall out in a tent corner. Always eat a substantial lunch before beginning your beer tour to avoid their blunders. Have a sandwich or some soup first, then follow up with an afternoon snack to power you through the day. (For example: pretzels, sausages)

Trying to Go Cash-Free
At Oktoberfest, cash is required to purchase a drink because credit cards are not accepted. Make sure you have Euros before entering the event grounds because there are multiple ATMs dispersed across the area, but the waits are typically considerable. The beer tents do not sell food, so it’s recommended to eat beforehand and pack snacks for your day. Many people bring small fold-up chairs or camp stools with them as well in order to rest during the day and enjoy some of their favorite German brews without standing around all day.

Being Rude to Servers or Not Tipping
Getting beer gets challenging as crowds begin to swarm the tents. This is why you ought to treat your servers nicely and give them tips. You’ll likely receive your new round before someone who is nasty or doesn’t tip if you are courteous. When it comes to tipping, we recommend about €1 per pint, or about 10% of the price of a liter. Get in Line Early: While some people might think that arriving at 7 AM is too early for Oktoberfest, arriving early will help ensure that you get a table in one of the crowded tents and will also help you avoid long lines. What’s more, not many tables are reserved so they can be snatched up quickly by anyone who arrives first.

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Not Being Adventurous
You could think it’s great to spend the entire day under a tent drinking beer, but this isn’t what Oktoberfest is really about. If you lack adventure, you will lose out on a lot of wonderful things. So be sure to check out the entire event, mingle with new people, and sample a variety of brews. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll forget all about your other plans! Just make sure to pace yourself because there are many different types of beers at Oktoberfest, each made by a different brewery. And while they may taste similar, they’re not created equally. Some have more alcohol content than others, some are more watery than others and some may even contain ingredients like raspberry or honey which might not agree with your stomach if you’ve never tried them before.

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