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Fall in Love with Europe All Over Again: The Best Places to View Autumn Foliage

Fall in Love with Europe All Over Again: The Best Places to View Autumn Foliage

Autumn in Europe is a season filled with rich, vibrant colors as the trees that line countrysides and city streets change from their summer green to yellows, oranges and reds. Discovering the best places to view fall foliage during your trip to Europe will make this season one you never forget, no matter which country you visit or how many times you’ve visited before! From historic capital cities to mountain-side towns, here are five of the best places to watch foliage in Europe.

Transylvania, Romania
Around early to mid-October, the Carpathian Mountains in Romania’s Transylvania area provide some very breathtaking leaf views. The greatest places to see are found by staying in Brasov, travelling to Bran “Dracula’s” Castle, and via the Transfagarasan Road. 2. Kullaberg Nature Reserve, Sweden – Late September and October

  1. Bordeaux Wine Region, France – Mid September through October
  2. Pamukkale Plateau, Turkey – Early October

Hrensko, Czech Republic
Anyone seeking some peaceful time or those who have a severe aversion to crowds should head to Hrensko. Despite having less than 300 residents, the hamlet features a number of lovely hiking routes that are ideal for taking in the changing foliage. You can also go boating on the Vltava River and spot deer roaming around on your way. Nearby Litomerice is another great place to take in some greenery while checking out traditional Czech architecture and getting into a relaxed state of mind.

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Paris, France
There are several great locations to sit in Paris’s city centre where you can enjoy the changing foliage without having to travel into the countryside. What could be more enjoyable than enjoying this scenery while sipping coffee and eating a chocolate croissant? That is what I would do if I were there now!
Famous sites such as Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Place de la Concorde make for excellent photo opportunities during these months. Remember to dress warmly, though; it may still be chilly out even if it is September!

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