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Can’t believe these are vegan! Five of the best vegan restaurants in NYC

Can’t believe these are vegan! Five of the best vegan restaurants in NYC

After moving to New York, my best friend and I quickly realized that finding vegan friendly restaurants was not as easy as we had originally thought it was going to be. However, after years of eating the same boring salad at the same boring place, we have found our go-to vegan spots when we are feeling adventurous or need some comfort food! Here are five of the best vegan restaurants in New York City (in no particular order)

Urban Vegan Kitchen

Image Source- Urban Vegan Kitchen

Vegan comfort meal, please? Yes, if you visit Urban Vegan Kitchen, one of the greatest vegan restaurants in New York City, you can get all that and more. Veganism is a way of life. It might be challenging to choose a favourite among the restaurant’s many features. But among the must-try items are the vegan buffalo wings with ranch, mac n’ cheese, and chick-un & waffles. Finish it off with some ice cream from Vegan Treats next door. If your sweet tooth is calling for something on the healthier side, go for their raw desserts like fudge brownies or chocolate peanut butter cups. You won’t regret it!

Modern Love Brooklyn

Image Source- Vegan News

Before attempting to find a seat at Modern Love Brooklyn, you might wish to make a reservation. Being one of the most well-liked vegan eateries in NYC, the little amount of seats is frequently filled every evening. But there are many good reasons to give it a go. Modern Love Brooklyn is one of the greatest venues for a vegan brunch in the whole globe, much alone the city, thanks to its extensive vegan breakfast menu that includes French toast and burritos. The environment, which features a long bench on one side and two tables on the other side makes it an excellent place for chatting with friends or getting some work done. The coffee is also superb here.


Image Source- Commercial Observer

PLANTA Queen arrived in the US from Toronto just in 2021, yet it rapidly took over the vegan scene in New York City. You may eat a variety of cuisine with Asian influences here in a vibrant setting. On social media, everything appears flawless and tastes even better. From pineapple fried rice to bang bang broccoli, as well as the spicy rolls, all of these plant-based dishes definitely give a dash of flavour to any day. The restaurant is also very accommodating for dietary restrictions, providing an extensive gluten-free menu. Not only does Planta provide the perfect environment for lunch or dinner but also offers some excellent raw food options that will leave you satisfied for days after your meal at their restaurant.

Dirt Candy

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Image Source- Dirt Candy

You never know what you’re going to receive at Dirt Candy, which makes it the ideal pit stop for the vegan adventurer. Before ordering the chef’s five-course tasting menu, make sure to let the restaurant know that you are a vegan. It’s not the cheapest at $90 either. However, there is a good reason why Dirt Candy is one of the top vegan eateries in all of New York City. One dish I would recommend would be the sour plum ravioli with white truffle and uni. The flavors compliment each other very well and if you don’t like uni, don’t worry about it because it is chopped up into small pieces so you won’t even notice its presence on your plate.

Fat Choy

Image Source- The Infatuation

You may want to walk to Fat Choy if you want a place that calls itself “kind of Chinese.” The Lower East Side restaurant Fat Choy is known for their mushroom sloppy sandwich, which is loaded with a tonne of mushrooms that have been drenched in gravy and served on a sesame bun. Of course, if you truly wanted to experience one of the top vegan restaurants in all of New York City, it wouldn’t be complete without their salt and pepper fried cauliflower or fresh coleslaw.

There are vegan restaurants and then there are New York City’s top vegan eateries. Thank goodness, the plant-based culture that rules the City That Never Sleeps knows how to entice our taste buds with some of the greatest flavours from across the globe.

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