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Budget-Friendly Tips for Visiting New York City

Budget-Friendly Tips for Visiting New York City

Going to New York City may seem like an expensive trip, but there are ways to keep costs down and still have the vacation of a lifetime. From where to stay, to how to get around, these budget-friendly tips will help you make the most of your time in New York without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can make your trip to New York City less expensive while still having fun!

Invest in a MetroCard
spending cash to accumulate cash? That is the main purpose of MetroCard. You may ride the bus and train for free without ever paying again using the card, which costs $33 for a week. Therefore, there is no need to pay for taxis or Ubers. Moreover, you are able to purchase this card in increments of $5. For instance, if you only plan on traveling one way via train/bus, then it would be more cost effective to purchase a weekly pass (costing $33) versus purchasing two round-trip tickets costing $60.

Stay in Queens
There is no need to rent an expensive apartment close to the top tourist sites when you have limitless rides. Instead, stay in Queens, where lodging is least expensive, and just take the bus and metro everywhere you need to go. You’ll get to see more of the city this way too. Buy groceries before arriving: If you buy groceries from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods before arriving, it will be a lot cheaper than getting them at your hotel or restaurant while on vacation. Eat outside: Most restaurants inside Times Square are not affordable. But there are plenty of places outside that serve as tasty alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Eat Street Food and Dollar Pizza Slices
Avoiding restaurants and sticking to street food and $1 slices of pizza is an effective method to save money. While any pizza, even one that costs a dollar, is wonderful pizza, the street food in New York City is both inexpensive and among the greatest in the world. That’s not to say that you should only eat out at restaurants and avoid street food completely. There are many famous dishes like hot dogs, pretzels, and falafel that are worth trying while you’re there.

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Visit Free Museums
Amazing museums can be found all across New York City, and many of them are free. You can locate them with a short Google search, and they will keep you entertained for hours. The Guggenheim Museum is one of the best in the world. It has been called the most important building of our time by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed it in 1943. The museum offers several different exhibits each year that are not only educational but also very aesthetically pleasing.

Buy Discount Broadway Tickets
There’s a good possibility that you want to watch a Broadway performance if you’re in New York. But hold off on purchasing a ticket right now. Instead, go to TKTS Discount Booths the day of the performance to get them for half off. You’ll also be able to purchase tickets there for other shows like off-Broadway or second runs. You might not be able to see your favorite show while it is running on Broadway, but there are still some great options available!

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