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You Won’t Believe These 4 Strange Foods From Around the World!

You Won’t Believe These 4 Strange Foods From Around the World!

One of the perks of traveling is trying exotic and strange local food from all over the world. Many of the foods on this list are so weird that even brave tourists don’t want to try them. See some of the weirdest foods you can find around the world.

1) Tuna Eyeballs, Japan

Image Source- Knowninsider

If you’re looking for a truly unique culinary experience, look no further than Japan. Tuna eyeballs are a popular dish in the country, and can be found at many markets and street stalls. While they may look strange (and a little bit scary), they’re actually quite delicious. The texture is similar to that of an oyster, and they’re often served with soy sauce and wasabi for added flavor. So if you’re feeling adventurous, why not give them a try?

2) Escamol, Mexico

Image Source- Tripadvisor

Escamol is a dish made from the edible larvae of ants. The larvae are harvested from the roots of agave plants, then cooked and often served with guacamole. While it may sound strange, escamol is actually a delicacy in Mexico, and is said to have a nutty flavor. And while they’re technically insects, many people say that they taste similar to lobster or shrimp. It’s certainly worth trying at least once if you’re adventurous enough!

3) Beondegi, South Korea

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Image Source- Travel Food Atlas

This dish is made from boiled or steamed silkworm pupae. It’s a popular street food in South Korea, often served with kimchi. If you ever travel to South Korea, you’ll notice that silkworm eating is quite common. The Korean dish of beondegi is a popular street food that visitors in this country often buy.

4) Steak Tartare, France

Image Source- Pintrest

If you’re a fan of raw meat, then you’ll love steak tartare! This French dish is made with diced or ground raw beef that’s often seasoned with onions, capers, and spices. While it may not look the most appetizing, steak tartare is actually quite delicious and definitely worth a try if you’re feeling adventurous.

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