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You Haven’t Tasted Chocolate Until You’ve Been to Switzerland

You Haven’t Tasted Chocolate Until You’ve Been to Switzerland

You haven’t really tasted chocolate until you’ve had Swiss chocolate! And if you think Swiss chocolate can only be found in Switzerland, then you are seriously mistaken. Many of the most recognized chocolate brands in the world come from Switzerland, including Lindt, Toblerone, and Callebaut. Here’s how to find the best Swiss chocolate brands outside of Switzerland…and where to get them!

Max Chocolatier

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To sample genuine Swiss chocolate bars and truffles prepared with organic ingredients including fruit, Tahitian vanilla, and balsamic vinegar, visit this chocolate boutique in Lucerne. For individuals who cannot consume milk, there are vegan choices as well. The shop offers an array of tastes from slightly bitter dark chocolate varieties to rich butterscotch or spiced rum flavors for those looking for something different. The staff is friendly and can help you pick out the perfect flavor for your taste buds or send a sampling home if you’re not sure which one you want to try.

Confiserie Sprüngli

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One of the nation’s oldest chocolate shops, this Zurich location first began as a sweets store in 1836. In 1845, the store started making chocolate, and the rest is history. Sprüngli continues to provide premium truffles and pralines that are created in accordance with age-old recipes. The display case at the front of the shop showcases every single one of their sweet offerings, so you can pick and choose from an impressive array.
The company has grown into an international concern, operating more than 200 stores in 20 countries outside Switzerland—although some would argue they’re not quite as good as the original. But if you’re looking for classic Swiss chocolate, it doesn’t get much better than here.

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Du Rhône Chocolatier

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Another factory and store that has been making chocolate using Swiss techniques for more than a century is Du Rhône Chocolatier in Geneva, which started in 1875. Today, Du Rhône manufactures some of the greatest chocolate in Switzerland and provides tastings and courses for creating it. The tours take visitors through their warehouse where they can see how they make the chocolates and how they test them to make sure they’re up to par. The tours also provide free samples so visitors can try before they buy.

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