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You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Visited Paracas National Reserve in Peru

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Visited Paracas National Reserve in Peru

Paracas National Reserve, or Reserva Nacional de Paracas, in Peru, is an undeveloped coastal area that hosts various species of animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. Peruvian citizens aren’t allowed to enter the area because it’s the government’s last line of defense against the destruction of fragile ecosystems by local fishermen and other tour guides looking to make money off of tourists interested in seeing how nature works without human interference. If you’re planning a trip to Peru this year, we highly recommend stopping by Paracas National Reserve so you can see what natural beauty looks like before it’s gone forever.

What makes it so special?
Set on the cliffs of the Southern Peruvian coast, Paracas has a stunning coastline and beautiful sunsets. It’s also home to an abundance of wildlife, from sea lions and turtles to whales. In addition to its many nature reserves, it’s also known for some of the world’s best surfing.

Why should you visit?
Paracas is one of the most impressive and beautiful reserves of marine wildlife in the world. Aside from being a national reserve, it is also classified as a biosphere reserve, which allows for there to be limits on human activities within the reserve. This means that you will see untouched and pristine beaches with wild horses roaming about to greet you when you visit. It’s an incredible feeling. In order to enter the reserve, visitors must have an entry pass which are given out at the entrance to access certain areas of land.

Other reasons why you should visit
-The reserve is known for its ecosystem, especially the mangrove and lagoon of the Paras river. -Paracas has an incredibly rich biodiversity that attracts locals and tourists alike, such as giant squids, eels, herons, otters, and green sea turtles. -It is also a fantastic place to observe exotic plants from around the world like pepper trees and black algarrobo trees. A visit to Paracas is a journey into your own imagination.

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Once you arrive

  1. The natural reserve protects the largest reserve of nesting seabirds in the world.
  2. Land transportation to Punta de Ballistas for national park is about six hours, but worth every minute and every penny
  3. After you arrive to your guest house, freshen up, and get a good night’s sleep
  4. Pack enough warm clothes (it gets really cold at night)
  5. Bring snacks for all day excursions
  6. Be aware that not everyone speaks English!
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