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You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried Fish From California’s Grill

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried Fish From California’s Grill

The best seafood restaurant in America, California’s Grill offers some of the freshest fish and seafood you’ll ever taste in your life. Their impeccable fish grilling skills have earned them international acclaim, making it one of the top spots to eat fish in all of Los Angeles, California and even the entire United States. Here are five reasons why you should visit this world-class fish grill when you’re on vacation in Los Angeles, California.

Why Fresh and Wild-Caught Seafood Is Best
Fresh and wild-caught seafood means that the fish is loaded with flavor, but also healthy fats, proteins, omega-3s, and other nutrients. Plus, by cooking it yourself at home you have control over how the fish is cooked and know exactly what went into the food.
Fresh and wild-caught seafood are often cheaper to buy than the frozen stuff from a grocery store. So you can save money without compromising on taste or nutrition!

Why Grilling is the Most Versatile Way to Prepare Seafood
Grilling is a foolproof way to cook fish and seafood that gives you incredible control over the texture, flavor, and presentation. Once the meat is cooked and flipped onto the platter with various vegetables, it’s easy to transfer to plates or wrap in a tortilla for burritos, tacos, sandwiches and more.

What Makes Santa Barbara Fish Market Special

We love being able to offer our customers the freshest seafood available, no matter what the weather or season. That includes what many people say is the best seafood in all of California– the fish at the Santa Barbara Fish Market! We’re so lucky to be their premier restaurant partner in all of Ventura County. They go out and capture fresh-caught fish every day and bring it right to us–everywhere from Salmon to Scallops, Crab Legs, Oysters and more.

Grilled Halibut with Lemon Dill Aioli

Fish is one of the leanest sources of protein on the planet, making it a healthy and easy to cook dinner option. In many cases fish cooks in minutes, providing a quick and light dinner that won’t weigh you down before bedtime. The perfect dish for this would be grilled halibut with lemon dill aioli. Halibut has very few bones and grills quickly, making it perfect for an outdoorsy meal that you can whip up in just minutes.

Grilled Salmon With Cilantro Lime Butter Sauce

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Grilled salmon is a versatile dish, and can be paired with numerous flavors. When cooked properly, the outside is slightly crispy while the inside remains incredibly moist. For this dish, we chose to pair it with a delicious cilantro lime butter sauce for an even more tangy taste!

Grilled Shrimp Scampi

To a skillet, add some olive oil and onions, cooking until the onions are no longer transparent. Add crushed garlic, minced lemon peel, and white wine to pan. Stir in shrimp, season with salt and pepper, cover and cook for four minutes. Add chopped tomatoes and roasted red peppers to pan. Cover and cook another five minutes or until shrimp are opaque throughout . Remove from heat and stir in parsley. Serve over linguine.

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