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You Don’t Have to Be British to Enjoy a Good Pub!

You Don’t Have to Be British to Enjoy a Good Pub!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend an evening in a British pub? They can be difficult to find outside of England, and some people may even warn you that they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. This advice on how to have a great time at a British pub will tell you exactly how to enjoy yourself, regardless of whether or not this is your first time visiting one. After following these tips, you’ll know how to order drinks, which activities are best avoided, and how much information you can share about yourself with other patrons without worrying about seeming out of touch or rude!

Don’t Expect Table Service
Modern pubs may provide table service, but a classic British pub often does not. As an alternative, you or one of your pals place the order and pick up the beverages at a pub. If you’re in England, that means asking for a pint (of beer) as well as a glass of red wine. When it comes time to pay, every person puts in their share of the bill by putting coins into a jar called the honesty box or simply writing out what they owe on paper—known as an opinion poll—which is then collected by the barman.

Order a Draught Beer
Yes, you are welcome to request a different beverage. However, if you want to really enjoy yourself and get the whole experience, get the draught beer. If they have any in-house beers, choose one of them or a residents’ favourite. Draught beer is often fresher than bottled, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for an authentic pub experience! Next, try some food: Whether it’s fish and chips or beef pie, remember that the best time to order food is before 10 pm. Finally, toast with your friends: Put your glasses together and say cheers!

Engage with the Locals
A significant portion of the appeal of British bars is people. The inhabitants are often boisterous but kind. Try to interact with them, find out what interests them (it’s usually soccer), and express some interest. Ordering a round will undoubtedly soften them a little if they are acting difficult to get. If you know how to play darts or pool then it won’t be long until you’re playing in their league. Even if you don’t know how, just ask someone and start practicing – soon enough you’ll be considered one of the locals too!

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Trying too hard to fit in is among the worst things one can do. Acting like a tourist will make it obvious to everyone that you are one. Be courteous, ask questions, and take in the experiences. If someone offers to buy you a drink, be polite and say No thank you. (This gesture is considered impolite in England.) The British generally don’t offer drinks they can’t afford. If your order doesn’t come quickly enough or if the service was rude, don’t get angry: just walk out with no fuss or bother.
A good pub quiz usually takes place on Monday night at 9 pm – 10 pm.

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