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Wrigley Field: A must-visit baseball field for all fans

Wrigley Field: A must-visit baseball field for all fans

Wrigley Field is the second oldest baseball stadium in America, built in 1914 by Charles Weeghman and George Hook Wiltse, the owners of the Federal League Chicago Whales. It was purchased by the Cubs in 1916 for $250,000 and has been their home ever since. It has served as home to three World Series Champions, six pennant winners, and two Hall of Fame players (Ernie Banks and Billy Williams).

The Ivy
The overall look, which is emphasised by the recognisable ivy along the whole home run wall, is one of the things that makes Wrigley Ballpark such a great field. This field probably has a special place in your heart if you have a thing for nature. It’s surrounded by streets and residential homes, so it almost feels like you’re playing in someone’s backyard! And yet it can still hold over 40,000 people! Another way to get closer to nature at this iconic Chicago ballpark is to take a ride on the train between innings. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting on the right side of the train when it goes past an open window – watch out! You might just catch a bird dropping on your head!

The Ambiance
It feels like a great place to be just by walking around Wrigley Field. It is simple to move from one area to another because to the architecture’s well-designed flow of traffic. Overall, it’s a fun place to explore. The famous ivy walls and landmark home plate are not to be missed. If you get lucky, you may see a member of the team practicing or even playing against their in-house rival, Chicago White Sox. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster as well as through StubHub and they range in price depending on how good of seats you want – usually starting at $5 per ticket.

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The History
Last but not least, Wrigley Field’s deep roots in the Cubs’ illustrious past are what make it such a magnificent venue. These supporters have witnessed everything, from the Billy Goat Curse, which persisted from 1945 to 2016, to the numerous all-stars who have donned Cubs uniforms. Although they’ve yet to win a World Series since 1908, they’ve still been able to create one of the most unique and exciting atmospheres in professional sports.
First off, you’ll never forget seeing the ivy grow up on those old brick walls that surround you and the smell of freshly cut grass will always be one of your favorite memories about this ballpark.

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