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Why You Should Climb a Mountain (Even If You’re an Amateur)

Why You Should Climb a Mountain (Even If You’re an Amateur)

If you’re an amateur climber, you may have noticed that not everyone around you appreciates your hobby and passion. Many people who aren’t into the sport think it’s dangerous, silly or just too hard. Climbing mountains is as rewarding as it is challenging, and while it requires time and training to get good at it, the many benefits of climbing are worth every ounce of effort you put into it!

What’s In It For Me?
Every person should explore their interests, regardless of how popular or niche it is. It’s important for your personal growth and development to experience things you wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to do. Plus, who doesn’t want bragging rights that they climbed a mountain? No matter what type of climbing adventure you choose, whether bouldering or mountaineering, there will always be something new to learn. Climbing a mountain is not just about reaching the summit – it’s also about getting back down safely!
There are many different types of rocks in mountains which make them each unique in terms of difficulty and terrain. Even within mountains close together, there can be vast differences in climbs based on aspects such as climate change and erosion over time.

My First Time
My very first mountain was Mount Rainier, and the process of preparing for this climb taught me so much about myself. When I learned that many of my friends who had successfully climbed mountains told me that climbing one is not just physical but also mental, I knew I was in trouble. Climbing up any mountain requires not only incredible physical strength and endurance, but also your mental might.

What Are the Biggest Mountains to Climb?
Amateur climbers face their own unique challenges on the mountain. Not only are they not as experienced, but they often don’t have the proper gear, or know when to turn back because of inexperience. But amateur climbers who venture up will be rewarded by feeling like they’ve achieved something in life that is just out of reach for most people: summiting a mountain.

How Do I Get Started?
The most common approach is to sign up for a guided hike, which will include everything from transportation to the actual mountain-climbing. The cost of these climbs varies greatly depending on what type of climb you choose and how much luxury you want. Hikes with only the essentials are cheaper than ones that also provide food, water, equipment rental and other amenities.

Research some different hikes in your area to find one that is well-organized, has good reviews and fits your budget. Most hikes offer a range of difficulty levels, so be sure to look into that as well. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for something more accessible or looking for something extreme.
Some people might think climbing mountains sounds too hard or expensive, but there’s no better feeling than reaching the summit! It doesn’t matter how long it takes – just try to keep going. A little perseverance can go a long way, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying the journey even more than the destination.

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The Path Up
If you were going to the gym to climb a mountain, the path would go up all the way until you reached the summit. The same holds true when climbing in real life. It might feel discouraging at first, but if you work hard and rest, there is always another step on that metaphorical stairway of success waiting for you.

Stay Motivated and Have Fun!
For the ultimate in physical and mental challenge, you can’t top climbing a mountain. As an amateur mountaineer, there are two main groups of people that I constantly hear: those who have the dream to climb but are too scared to give it a try, and those who have the guts but lack the skills. The first group needs encouragement while the second needs training.

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