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Why I’ll Never Go Back to Wearing Heels After Walking in These comfortable Shoes

Why I’ll Never Go Back to Wearing Heels After Walking in These comfortable Shoes

I have been wearing heels my entire life, but since I started my new job, I’ve had to walk through cities and towns all over the world. I couldn’t believe how exhausted my feet would get after walking just a couple of miles in heels! That’s when I decided to try something different, and these shoes were the best thing that ever happened to me as far as footwear goes. Now I can walk all day without feeling uncomfortable at all, and every time I wear them out, someone stops me to ask about them! Here’s what makes them so great!

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

People often think the shoe matters less than what they’re wearing on their feet, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. More often than not, your shoes can make or break your experience while traveling. Whether you’re spending all day walking around a city or kicking it poolside, it’s important to have an enjoyable time that doesn’t result in crippling pain at the end of it.

Blundstone Original Chelsea Boots

The best way to protect your feet when exploring new cities is with shoes that are lightweight, have good grip, and offer some protection from water, ice and snow. I’m never going back to wearing heels after walking for miles in my Blundstone Original Chelsea Boots. The boots are sleek and stylish enough for everyday wear, but work equally well on long treks through rough terrain.
1) They’re lightweight- No more lugging around clunky boots weighing down your pack while travelling.

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ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers

The ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes that can be worn for days walking around cities. Unlike typical heels, these sneakers provide more cushion and support for your feet which will save you from aches and pains at the end of the day. The soles have a padded heel so even walking on concrete will not be an issue. The design is also easy to pack for a weekend getaway since they come with a shoe bag so you won’t have to worry about packing another item.

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