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Where to Find Tokyo’s Best Ramen

Where to Find Tokyo’s Best Ramen

Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodle

If you consider ramen to be a quick meal to prepare when you don’t feel like cooking, you might be pleased to learn that Japan has three ramen restaurants with Michelin stars. The first was this. Ramen from Tsuta is renowned for using distinctive ingredients such truffles, truffle oil, porcini mushrooms, and balsamic vinegar.

Chuka Soba Ibuki

Chuka Soba Ibuki serves its ramen with a flavorful broth instead of the typical clear soup seen in most restaurants. The restaurant is well-known for its thick, umami soup made with dried sardines, or “Niboshi,” that has a creamy texture. Depending on the day, the broth may be made using more than 14 different varieties of dried fish from all across Japan.

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Ramen Yamaguchi

The majority of ramen dishes often have pork as a component, both in the broth and the topping. Visit Ramen Yamaguchi, which specialises in chicken-based ramen utilising a renowned Japanese breed, if you don’t like white meat. You can easily eat the full bowl of ramen because it is considerably lighter than other types thanks to the chicken broth!

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