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Turkish Desserts to Try in Istanbul

Turkish Desserts to Try in Istanbul

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, often referred to as “lokum” in Turkish, is a type of candy manufactured from starch and sugar with tastes like citrus and rose water. Although there are entire boutiques devoted to this sweet, it is also sold in other markets and confectionery shops.


Despite being popular throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean, baklava is supposed to have originated in Turkey under the Ottoman Empire. It is created of phyllo dough layers, chopped almonds, and either honey or sugar syrup for sweetness.

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A sort of fried dough dessert may be found in almost every cuisine on the planet, and Turkey is no exception. Before being fried, Turkish fried dough, also known as tulumba, is formed into tiny pieces by being pressed through a piping bag. Before serving, it is then dipped in a lemon sugar syrup.

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