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Top Things to See and Do in Copenhagen, Denmark in 24 Hours

Top Things to See and Do in Copenhagen, Denmark in 24 Hours

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If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and are trying to figure out how to spend your time there, look no further than this comprehensive guide on what to see and do in Copenhagen in 24 hours. With this guide, you’ll be able to hit all the top attractions, including an afternoon boat tour of the city’s famous canals and harbor, a visit to Tivoli Gardens, and even some time at the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art!

Take Your Breakfast in a Cozy Café

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Copenhagen demands energy, and the best way to get some is by visiting one of the city’s many cafes for a cup of coffee and breakfast. Soft-boiled eggs go well with rye bread and butter, which is the locals’ favorite. The cafés are great places to people watch and admire the architecture as you enjoy your meal. Try Café Norden or Café Europa, two top recommendations on TripAdvisor.

Here’s A Sneak Peak of Nyhavn’s Colored Houses

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Once you’ve filled your belly, head to Nyhavn, one of Copenhagen’s most iconic districts. Here, you can admire charming architecture, snap a photo of the city’s colorful facades, and see the Little Mermaid sculpture. If you’re up for it, grab a bike from VeloCITY and cycle along Kastellet for a serene view of the water on this car-free zone.

National Museum of Denmark

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You can walk to the National Museum of Denmark from Nyhavn, which is less than a mile away. You can learn more about the history of the country here and see items ranging from reindeer-hunters of the Ice Age to Vikings to modern items. The museum also features many works by Danish artists.

Take a look at Strøget

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A visit to Copenhagen’s famous shopping street Strøget after visiting the National Museum of Denmark shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. Among other things, you’ll be able to shop at some high-end establishments, take in the town’s natural beauty, and stop for a meal at some good restaurants. On this trip, take the time to try some of Denmark’s most unique and delicious meals!

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Enjoy Fun in Tivoli Gardens

Image Source- Conde Nast Traveler

The Tivoli Gardens amusement park is a popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen. Every year, more than four million people visit Tivoli Gardens to enjoy the park’s rides and attractions, including the Pantomime Theater and Tivoli Aquarium.

Hang out at a nightclub or bar in Vesterbro

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Ending a busy day can be easy with a drink at one of many nightclubs and bars in the Vesterbro neighborhood. Copenhagen’s best nightlife can be found in the area, which caters to everyone’s tastes. With everything from dimly lit lounge-bars to lively dance clubs, there is something for every type of partygoer.

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