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Three Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand That Will Melt Your Heart

Three Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand That Will Melt Your Heart

There are few animals as majestic and beautiful as elephants, so if you find yourself in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a city known for its elephant camps and tours, you’ll want to visit one of these three sanctuaries before heading back home. Here’s your guide to three amazing elephant sanctuaries that you must visit while in Chiang Mai.

Elephant Nature Park

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One of Thailand’s most moral elephant sanctuaries, Elephant Nature Park first opened its doors in the 1990s. Along with rafting and jungle tours, it provides sanctuary for rescued elephants, and proceeds from ticket sales support animal care initiatives like finding homes for threatened and endangered species and restoring rainforests.

Elephant Freedom Village

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Another moral haven that forbids elephant rides is Elephant Freedom Village. The main goal of this sanctuary is to educate tourists about elephants and local culture, and all hands-on activities given there, such washing elephants, are centered on animal care rather than providing entertainment for humans.

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

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Thailand is home to numerous Elephant Jungle Sanctuary locales, but this one in Chiang Mai is among the best. There are options for morning, afternoon, and overnight stays, which you can combine with jungle walks and an elephant bathing experience.

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