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These Countries Have Finally Opened Their Doors to Travelers!

These Countries Have Finally Opened Their Doors to Travelers!

In the past, many countries have been pretty adamant about keeping foreign travelers out of their country. However, with recent changes to the visa process and other conditions, more and more countries have been re-opening their doors to tourists from around the world. Here’s a list of five countries you can visit now that have recently started welcoming travelers again.


Image Source- Charles Schwab Hong Kong

It should come as no surprise that people were miffed over Japan closing its borders for so long given that it was one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the whole globe. But now that you may finally travel to Japan, if you’re really interested, what are you waiting for? You’ll need a tourist visa (which can be obtained by going through a company such as JTB or KNT) and a passport valid for six months or more. However, all is not lost if your passport doesn’t quite measure up – all countries have different requirements which can be found on this website. Just make sure your passport is up to date before you head out on your trip!

Australia and New Zealand

Image Source- Bloomberg.Com

Since so much of the world views these two nations as a single entity despite the fact that they are very different from one another, we decided to group them together. They both have some of the most breathtaking natural vistas in the world, are located in Oceania, are so far from the rest of the globe, and they both closed their borders for the most of the epidemic.But you may certainly do it right now if you’re interested in seeing Australia and New Zealand! Put your backpack on, purchase some tickets, and set aside some time off to travel to Australia! And while you’re there, make sure to stop by Lord Howe Island (the smallest Australian island), the Sydney Opera House (a building full of iconic architecture), Uluru (the Ayres Rock), and The Great Barrier Reef (home to over 400 types of coral).

Image Source- Encyclopedia Britannica

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Once you’ve had enough sun-soaked days, cross over into New Zealand and explore its famous landscapes like Abel Tasman National Park (be sure to take a hike through this coastal national park) or Mount Cook National Park.

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