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The World’s Top 3 Most Liveable Cities of 2022

The World’s Top 3 Most Liveable Cities of 2022

According to the latest global livability report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which measures liveability across 140 countries worldwide, these are the top three most liveable cities of 2022 (in descending order). For more information, follow the links below. If you would like to share this article, please use the links below as well. Thank you!

Vienna, Austria

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It doesn’t get any better than the Austrian capital, with a score of 99.1. Vienna is a great location to live because to its top-notch healthcare, vibrant arts and cultural scene, and lower cost of living than other European cities. Additionally, you are free to eat all the schnitzel and Sachertorte you want! Sydney, Australia: With a high quality of life (95.2), low crime rates, and excellent climate year round, it’s no wonder that this Australian city took second place on our list.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Due to its world-class infrastructure, Copenhagen is one of the cities in the world that is most welcoming to cyclists. The city’s old-world beauty is complemented by its abundance of public parks, galleries, and top-notch restaurants. ] Amsterdam, Netherlands : Amsterdam has always been a leader in sustainability and mobility.
] In 2002 it was the first Dutch city to introduce free bike loans for children from low-income families as well as cargo bikes with child seats. Stockholm, Sweden : With arguably some of the best street food on offer anywhere on earth, Stockholm offers not just great eating but some wonderfully romantic settings for a meal.

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Zurich, Switzerland

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trains that are consistently on time? Nothing less would be expected from a nation known for its timepieces. Zurich is recognised as a sanctuary for the creative community and has impeccable streets, first-rate healthcare, and first-rate infrastructure. It also ranked highest in most stable, with fewer incidences of social unrest than any other city. With all these qualities combined, it seems only natural that it should take the number one spot.

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