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The Unusual McDonald’s Restaurants You Didn’t Know Existed

The Unusual McDonald’s Restaurants You Didn’t Know Existed

Who would have thought that there could be any other McDonald’s locations around the world? As it turns out, there are tons of different McDonald’s restaurants that do things just a little bit differently than your local Mickey D’s! Whether they serve up unique menu items or use unusual items to promote their brands, these establishments are definitely worth visiting the next time you’re in town. Check out these weird and wacky McDonald’s locations!

Taupo, New Zealand

Image Source- Business Insider

One of the most unusual McDonald’s restaurants in the world, Taupo, New Zealand is situated on an active volcano. It sits over 600 feet above sea level and has a seating capacity of 380 people. The restaurant was built in 1986 to make it possible for visitors to stay on the island and enjoy local food. Visitors can also stop by for a viewing of the volcano that occasionally erupts into action. Tbilisi, Georgia: Who would have thought there was a McDonald’s restaurant in Georgia? Not many would be able to guess this location because this is one of the few countries where the Big Mac isn’t available. That doesn’t mean locals don’t love their burgers! They do. And they find them at Tbilisi’s North Avenue location which opened its doors in 1990 as one of only three locations throughout Georgia.

Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia

Image Source- Pintrest

Located in Melbourne, Australia and built out of a historic gas station, the Clifton Hill restaurant is one of the most unusual locations for a McDonald’s. Known for its unique location, which includes a Victorian-style theme with mismatched furniture, the restaurant has faced some opposition from the local council. While this may seem like an odd place to have an international fast food chain, it has turned into a tourist attraction drawing in visitors from all over.

Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Image Source – Pintrest

McDonald’s restaurants are often a quick pit stop for people on the go. Roswell, New Mexico is no exception. The locals found a way to save time by ordering their food via fax and dropping it off at a designated location for pick up. This is the ultimate destination for a fast food fix. It has free Wi-Fi and ample parking for those who want to dine in. Patrons can order anything from breakfast items to burgers or chicken nuggets with no waiting in line!

Kristiansand, Norway

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Image Source- Business Insider India

Norway seems to be a hot spot for strange McDs. Opened in April 2014, this restaurant is the newest location in Norway. It has one exterior side that looks like a hamburger and another exterior side that looks like french fries. Inside, it boasts multicolored floors, wavy glass walls, and dining areas shaped like giant french fries. There are also large windows overlooking the city of Kristiansand from its perch on top of a parking garage.

Piteaa, Sweden

Image Source- Arutz Sheva

Although it has been over five years since the last McDonald’s restaurant in Sweden opened, that has not stopped their fans from loving and seeking out their signature fry burgers and McNuggets. According to a recent survey, the top three international chains Swedes miss most are Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and McDonald’s.

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