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The Top 3 Most Romantic Countries to Visit This Year

The Top 3 Most Romantic Countries to Visit This Year

Do you have your eye on that someone special? If so, the perfect way to get their attention would be to take them on a romantic trip to one of the most romantic countries in the world! Our list of the top 3 most romantic countries to visit this year will help you narrow down the best place for your dream getaway with your loved one. Get ready to say I love you while admiring some of nature’s finest views and splurging on some world-class attractions!


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This one should be quite apparent, and you anticipated it. France is home to none other than Paris, which is frequently referred to as the “City of Love.” Atop the Eiffel Tower, wander through the cobblestone streets and give your special someone a kiss. What may be superior? How about some wine tasting in Bordeaux? Or maybe some fine dining in Lyon? You can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Italy: For some reason, Italian food is considered more romantic. Can’t really explain why…but I’m not complaining! Make sure to stop by Rome and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes (and pasta!) before continuing on your trip up North…to Venice!


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Forget for a moment about Rome. You and your loved one will never forget a week spent in the Tuscan countryside’s rolling hills. Take pleasure in some wine, cheese, and real pasta. This comes fairly close to the type of experience you can only read about in books. With so many things to do together, it’s no surprise that Italy ranks as the number one destination on this list. But before visiting, be sure to brush up on your Italian! France: From all those picturesque villages to beautifully manicured gardens and the food that accompanies them, you’ll quickly find out why everyone loves France. The French are serious about their gastronomy – take advantage of fine dining without even leaving Paris! Belgium: Belgian beer is world-renowned (and with good reason), but Belgium also has a rich history worth exploring when not exploring each other.

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Switzerland is the most costly nation in the world for a reason. If you have the money to spend, go there since the views are unbelievably beautiful. You and your spouse won’t regret it. They also have really good chocolate!
The views there are just incredible. On your way, make sure you hit up a market so you can buy some hand-made chocolates for your significant other. After that, do a tour of those beautiful buildings. It’ll take a while but it’s worth it if you have time. Spend one day there—it’s really worth it and is probably enough time considering how expensive everything will be.
What else could be romantic? How about candles? Candles always work. If you don’t want to stay out all night, get some wine and snacks then stay at home with your spouse or partner and enjoy a romantic evening in.

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