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The Remote Island of Seychelles You’ve Never Heard Of

The Remote Island of Seychelles You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s hard to talk about Seychelles without mentioning that it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world. What you may not know, however, is that there’s an equally impressive island within Seychelles itself. Curieuse Island, located about 15 minutes by boat from Victoria on the main island of Mahé, boasts everything from crystal-clear waters to untouched nature (and everything in between). Discover more about this fascinating island here!

Turtle Sanctuary

Every year, tens of thousands of turtles are hunted and killed for their meat, eggs, and shells. Their numbers on the coasts around the world are dwindling. Turtle conservation is a difficult and expensive process, but volunteers with non-profit organization Curieuse Island and Safe Haven collaborate to make a difference in this worldwide animal conservation crisis.
Curieuse is one of these remote islands off the East Coast of Africa that makes up one-third of the Republic of Seychelles.

Unique Landscapes
Curieuse is like a national treasure that has been hiding in plain sight. The windswept island has staggering natural beauty, one that often goes unrecognized because it is situated just north of the country’s commercial airport and continues to be overshadowed by its bigger, more popular sisters Mahe and Praslin.

Beautiful Beaches

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The diversity in this island’s beaches is one of the reasons that people visit. Whether you want to lie under a palm tree on pure white sand, or get close with nature and explore crystal clear water and natural aquatic life- don’t worry, Curieuse has it all. From long expansive stretches to smaller secret bays and coves, Curieuse offers something for everyone.

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