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The Reasons to Visit Lithuania

The Reasons to Visit Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic countries, and has many historic cities and architecture that are reminiscent of other European countries. However, if you’re looking to visit the country in Europe, it offers a lot more than just history. Below are five reasons why Lithuania is an amazing place to visit no matter what time of year or what you’re looking to do while on vacation there.

The Sand Dunes

Image Source- Lithuania Travel

If you haven’t visited the sand dunes in Lithuania, sand dunes might not seem like a compelling reason to board an aircraft and travel abroad. They are the tallest shifting ones in all of Europe, and they are so unique that a UNESCO World Heritage Site has been established to honour them. They may travel up to 15 kilometres per year and have infested entire communities.

The Forests

Image Source- Treksplorer

Lithuania is known for its lush, green forests which cover almost 30% of the country. These forests are not only beautiful, but also home to a variety of wildlife. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Lithuanian forests are the perfect place to relax and recharge. Take a hike on one of their scenic trails or take your bike out for an afternoon adventure. You’ll never know what you might find! You’ll like Lithuania if you enjoy the outdoors. It has five national parks, a distinct flora and fauna, including roe deer, wild boar, charming hedgehogs, mosses, wild berries, and even carnivorous plants, and is 40% covered by thick woods.

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The Cost

Though airfare to Europe can be expensive, once you’re there, Lithuania is a very affordable country. In Vilnius, the capital, a meal for two with wine will only set you back about $30. And if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, you can find a decent hotel room for around $50 per night. Lithuanian food and drinks are also very inexpensive; at many restaurants and bars, a glass of local beer costs just one euro!

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