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The Great Cheese Debate: Which European Country Has the Best Cheese?

The Great Cheese Debate: Which European Country Has the Best Cheese?

One of the most popular cheese varieties in the world is Swiss Cheese. In fact, it’s been estimated that approximately 50% of all European cheese imports in the United States are Swiss Cheese, which makes it the number one imported cheese. But there are plenty of other fantastic European cheeses out there, and many will be competing against Swiss Cheese to prove they have what it takes to be crowned the best. So where do you think this debate should settle? France? England? Germany? Italy? Or somewhere else altogether?

The Runner Ups
Let’s start with the runners-up as they ought to be mentioned as well. It is commonly known that France and Italy have made outstanding contributions to cheese throughout history. Italy is known for its fantastic buffalo mozzarella and parmesan. France, with its unusual tastes like Brie. In any nation, there is simply no way to go wrong. In Germany, there is a large range of cheeses to enjoy such as Bavarian blue cheese and Leerdammer. Denmark has a wide range of farmhouse cheeses from goat milk to sheep milk so if you’re looking for some variety it may be worth checking out this country too. The Netherlands has their Dutch Edam and Gouda which are two of the most popular Dutch cheeses in Europe.

The Swiss Crown
Switzerland, on the other hand, would be the only nation to receive the crown if we had to. Think about how Swiss cheese, which is derived from the Emmental valley, was in fact called after this nation. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the very exquisite Tête de Moine, which was created by monks in the Alps centuries ago, you have Gruyère, Sbrinz, Racletta, Appenzeller, and many more cheeses. The Charmey cheese caves are educational museums where you can find out everything you need to know about Swiss cheese and the nearby dairy farms. When making a decision as tough as which country has the best cheese, taste should always come first – so don’t worry! You will get a chance to taste-test before buying!

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