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The Future is Now: A Sneak Peek at the Dubai World Expo

The Future is Now: A Sneak Peek at the Dubai World Expo

Have you heard about the upcoming Dubai World Expo? The United Arab Emirates is hoping to expand their economy and reinforce Dubai’s position as a global travel destination with this world-class event, held from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. If you’re curious about what the future has in store for us but can’t attend in person, don’t worry! We’ve got your covered with these top-five fun facts about this upcoming event…

Every Country At Once

Image Source- CNN

Imagine being able to tour the entire planet in a single day. That is comparable to the Dubai World Expo in certain aspects. It is simply a sizable park where you can stroll about and see several exhibits that nations have built to introduce themselves to the globe. These exhibits, which resemble interactive museums, differ greatly from nation to country. The wonderful thing is that each exterior is lovely and distinctive in its own way, so even if you don’t have time to visit each country’s museum, you can still appreciate it. You will also be amused by the striking contrast between neighboring countries. If you are interested in tourism or just want to know more about other cultures, this is an excellent place for you!

World Advancement

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Other amazing things at the Expo are unrelated to any one nation, which is great. There are pavilions that are universal that concentrate on particular global improvements across time, such as mobility, sustainability, and opportunity. These themes are the Dubai World Expo’s main pillars, demonstrating that it stands for more than only the unification of all nations but also the pursuit of a better world. One such example of this is the Technology Park, where anyone with an idea can receive funding from sponsors like Intel and Cisco to help bring their product or invention to life. It will be interesting to see what projects come out of this area in 2020.

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