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The Five Snow-Free U.S. Cities You’ll Love

The Five Snow-Free U.S. Cities You’ll Love

In order to make it to work or school on time in the morning, you need to know how much snow you can expect the day after an early-winter storm. Unfortunately, the weather forecast rarely has that kind of information. However, there are some areas of the country where you don’t have to worry about snow accumulation at all—these snow-free cities will never get snow accumulation in any season! If you’re looking to escape the winter blues, consider moving to one of these five U.S. cities that never get snow!

Miami, Florida
They don’t understand what it means to have a whole part of their closet devoted to big winter jackets down in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Instead, they have twice as many bathing suits and bikinis since going to the beach is much more sensible when the weather is warm so frequently. Seattle, Washington: It’s called The Emerald City for a reason!

Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii is one of those states where normal people still reside despite the fact that it is viewed as a popular vacation spot. These are folks that adore surfing, spending time at the beach, and revelling in the absence of winter in their hometown. Honolulu’s weather is perfect for this! Honolulu rarely gets snow and experiences only 2 inches of snowfall per year. The amount of snowfall increases substantially when you head inland into Oahu’s mountains. Honolulu averages over 300 sunny days per year with just six to eight hours of rainfall annually. If you’re looking for an amazing Hawaiian escape sans blizzards, then Honolulu should be on your list.

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San Diego, California
The enormous American region of Southern California follows. If you like the warm weather, San Diego is an excellent spot to live because it never receives a trace of snow. Los Angeles doesn’t receive snow either, but we put San Diego here since Big Bear’s mountains may have some. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas: Ever want to escape winter without leaving the United States? Consider Dallas/Fort Worth. Denver, Colorado: Denver also experiences little or no snow each year and is perfect for those who prefer warmer climates. Atlanta, Georgia: And Atlanta has just as much sun as most places in America do with absolutely no snow in sight!

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