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The Essential Guide to Getting the Best Pasta Experience in Italy

The Essential Guide to Getting the Best Pasta Experience in Italy

There are few things more enjoyable than digging into fresh, handmade pasta that has just been brought to your table in an authentic Italian restaurant. But not all Italian restaurants are created equal; make sure you know where to go and what to order when you’re in Italy on vacation so you can get the most authentic experience possible. Here’s your essential guide to getting the best pasta experience in Italy. […]

Avoid Tourist Traps
The mom-and-pop establishments serve the tastiest pasta. those who don’t feel the need to gouge visitors for the same dull, generic item they believe visitors desire. Befriend a real Italian and ask them where the “true authentic Italian places” are if that’s what you need to do. Most likely, they’ll direct you to a spot that is entirely undiscovered.

Make Sure It’s Homemade
Please make sure the pasta you are purchasing is handmade for the love of all things created with eggs and wheat. You may not expect to encounter such a problem in Italy, but you might be shocked. Keep in mind that certain shops could believe they can con visitors easily, but you won’t let that to happen. Get a genuine assurance that the pasta you’re eating is freshly cooked, prepared on-site, and with care.

Know what to order
Arriving in Italy and not knowing what to order for dinner can be a daunting task. But fear not! Here are some tips on how you can get the best pasta experience possible.
1) Order your pasta al dente, or with a little bit of bite left. Italian pastas are often cooked for an extended period of time and become over-cooked when they are overcooked. 2) Order your pasta with either tomato sauce or pesto, but never both. Pesto is usually made from basil, pine nuts, olive oil and garlic while tomato sauce is usually made from tomatoes and spices like salt, pepper, onion and oregano.

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Ask the locals
If you want a great experience, it’s important to ask locals what they recommend. You might have your heart set on one place, but if someone with more experience points you elsewhere, do yourself a favor and trust them! They’ll be able to tell you things that can make or break your experience. Plus, chances are it will save you from some seriously bad food.

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