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The Best U.S. National Parks to Visit by Car

The Best U.S. National Parks to Visit by Car

What are the best U.S. National Parks to visit? Since there are 59 National Parks in the U.S., deciding which ones to visit can be overwhelming! Luckily, these five parks are all worth the drive to get there, so make sure they’re on your bucket list as you plan your next big road trip!

Bond Falls Scenic Site

Image Source- Pure Michigan

This magnificent 50-meter-high waterfall may be seen in Michigan. There are paths that go to and from the Bond Falls, and there is a picnic place above, if you enjoy trekking. There is a boardwalk that crosses the river below the foot of the falls that is the ideal location for seeing the grandeur of the falls, but, if standing on top of a waterfall is not really your thing. The view from the other side of the road at mile marker 61.5 on M-72 is worth a look as well, because it gives you an idea of how high up this natural wonder really is. Another must see stop in this area? The Kitch-iti-kipi Spring with its turquoise waters, which are said to come from melting glaciers in Canada. Another site worth visiting?

The Giants’ Avenue

Image Source- Active NorCal

There are many freeways in California, but few, in my opinion, are as tranquil as this one. It can be located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park and is known as Avenue of the Giants because to the towering coastal redwoods that line the path. Even cooler than a car wash, the road has a tree named Shrine Drive-Thru Tree that guests may drive through. The tree was discovered by accident in 1957 when it was cut down for a new highway project. The highway was never completed and the trunk remains there today, spanning more than 100 feet from end to end.

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Waimea Canyon State Park

Image Source- Wikipedia

The Waimea Canyon State Park in Hawaii is known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Waimea, which translates from Hawaiian as “reddish water,” is particularly special since the volcano that gave rise to Kauai collapsed as well as erosion to create the canyon. Visitors can drive through the park for approximately 30 miles on one-way gravel roads and access a variety of trails and points of interest on foot or bicycle. After driving through the state park, visitors should stop at Waimea Canyon Lookout to enjoy panoramic views of deep gorges cut into the landscape by ancient lava flows. In addition, they should take a stroll around ʻAnini Beach (also called Mahanaloa) where beautiful black sand and red clay meet emerald green ocean waters.

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