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The Best Street Food You Can Get in Tokyo, Japan

The Best Street Food You Can Get in Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Tokyo is one of the most exciting things you can do, from the mania of the city to the beauty of its nature, and everything in between. However, there’s one thing that truly makes this city special: its food. In Japan, street food comes in many shapes and sizes, from the ubiquitous sushi to rich bowls of ramen noodles and everything in between. If you want to enjoy some tasty bites on your next visit to Tokyo, check out this list of the best street food you can get in Tokyo, Japan!


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If you are searching for the best street food that you can get in Tokyo, look no further than these delicious gyoza. Gyoza is a Japanese dumpling that has a pork and cabbage filling. Originating from China originally and gaining popularity after World War II with Japanese people when they wanted to learn about new cuisines. These cute little things are served up everywhere around town from sweet vendors to even pizza places!


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The quintessential street food for any trip to Tokyo is takoyaki. Think of it as a fluffy little pancake with a whole octopus leg inside – then fill the batter with more finely chopped octopus and deep fry the whole thing. This weird and wonderful creation is best enjoyed with mayonnaise drizzled over it. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and you’ll find stalls all over the city serving them up hot. For something sweet you can’t go wrong with a melonpan or an ichigo daifuku: both are made from bread dough stuffed with whipped cream (or sometimes strawberries) before being deep fried until crisp.


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This deep-fried street food is not only delicious, but it has a sweet taste with an almost creamy texture. The snacks have a white outer layer made from mochi rice cake flour and mashed potatoes which are then fried. Along with being crispy on the outside the doughy center is chewy and has been given the name yaki-imo because it’s been grilled over hot coals. It is usually eaten by dipping the cooked side into a soy sauce and sugar mixture before biting into it. It is typically served in Japanese convenience stores as well as at festivals or other events.

Harajuku Crepes

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If you want a different type of crepe than the typical dessert pastry, Harajuku Crepes is the spot for you. They’re famous for their iced matcha green tea and matcha red bean paste cream (which is delicious), but if it’s not your thing there are many other topping choices to choose from. Vegetarians and vegans should enjoy it here as well because there are several meatless options like peanut butter with banana. To get here, take the Chiyoda line to Meiji-Jingumae station and walk about three minutes north on Omotesando Dori Avenue. If that sounds too long for you then try taking an Uber or taxi which will be about 15 minutes away.

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