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The Best Places To Visit If You Love Gaming

The Best Places To Visit If You Love Gaming

If you are the kind of person who loves playing games of any kind, from board games to video games, you might want to consider taking some time out of your life and visiting one of these amazing places where gaming has become a popular cultural activity. Whether it’s attending conventions or participating in international tournaments, there are lots of great places on the globe where you can join like-minded people and indulge in all things gaming! So pack your bags and get ready to be immersed in pure fun!

Visit American Classic Arcade Museum

Image Source- American Classic Arcade Museum

The pinnacle of retro gaming, which has had a huge rebirth recently, is an arcade. If you appreciate old music or simply miss the times when all you needed to play a game was a quarter in your wallet, pay a visit to the American Classic Arcade Museum. One of the largest collections of arcade games is kept in a museum in Laconia, New Hampshire. The collection spans the years when electricity was invented up until the 1980s, when the popularity of the genre peaked. You may learn more about the history of gaming by exploring the 300 games the museum has on display.

Have a Zombie Experience in London

Image Source- Bunker 51

Do you like playing zombie-themed video games? If so, then taking a zombie tour of London should be on your list of must-do activities. Your game-learning skills will be put to the test by the city’s incredible variety of actual real-world zombie breakout scenarios. After a quick lesson in zombie warfare, you’ll be thrown immediately into the action with a horde of zombies (played by actors) trying to capture you. You may even choose to turn into a zombie yourself in some places. What a wonderful event!

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Make a Pilgrimage to Akihabara Electric Town

Image Source- GO TOKYO

A trip to Japan is a terrific option if you like playing video games. The nation as a whole is unmatched in its fascination with video games, so you’ll fit in. As soon as you arrive, be sure you get right to Akihabara Electric Town. This region of Tokyo houses the nation’s video gaming hub. There are several shops here that offer electronics, video games, and gaming consoles, some of which are unavailable anywhere else in the globe. Additionally, you could come across manga shops, arcade cafés, gift shops, souvenir shops, and shops selling rare video games.

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