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The Best Places to See a Concert in Upstate New York

The Best Places to See a Concert in Upstate New York

An essential part of any concert experience is the venue, so we’ve created this list of the best places to see a concert in upstate New York. Whether you prefer an intimate setting or one that holds thousands, these venues are sure to enhance your music listening experience and make you feel like you’re right there at the front row with all your favorite musicians! For more information, read our article on the Best Places to See a Concert in Upstate New York below!

You Can Still Go There
It’s interesting to note that concerts have been held here before to 1969. The venue kept hosting a wide range of great musical performances, as it still does today. Going to a play in this outdoor venue is well worth it just for the historical value. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy both a beautiful natural landscape and fantastic entertainment.
There are also many other spots around upstate New York where you can catch your favorite musician performing live:

  • Beacon Theater in Manhattan
  • Troy Music Hall
  • Palace Theatre in Albany

Great Acoustics
But this place is unique for more reasons than merely its historical significance. The acoustics offer listeners in all regions of the arena a fantastic soundscape, as one could anticipate from a major facility of its magnitude. You can even see inside from every seat! It’s an intimate venue that provides excellent concert-going experience and you’ll never feel far away from any part of the action.

The Vibes Are Excellent
Another fantastic feature of Bethel Performing Arts Center is the seating arrangement, which continues virtually precisely where Woodstock left off. There aren’t actually any “seats” for a good deal of the venue. You may just camp wherever you choose inside the amphitheatre and take in the performance amidst the breathtaking scenery. The natural setting surrounding the amphitheater makes it feel like there are no boundaries.
This incredible vibe will make it easy to get into the mood for an awesome show! The amphitheater is simply one part of an extensive system with various other entertainment venues located around it, including a state-of-the-art theatre with 536 seats, intimate cabaret theatre space with capacity for up to 150 people and more. All are adjacent to each other in close proximity.

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