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The Best Pasta in Florence: A Local’s Guide

The Best Pasta in Florence: A Local’s Guide

Pasta is to Florence as pizza and gelato are to Naples; it’s something that everyone knows, even if they don’t know it. Not only is pasta an integral part of the city’s cuisine, but it’s also ubiquitous on restaurant menus throughout Tuscany, the region of which Florence is the capital. How does one know where to find the best pasta? Don’t ask the locals, because chances are good that no matter what restaurant you choose, you’ll find that the taste and value don’t match up with what you expected.


What better location to visit for some real Tuscan pasta meals than Florence, which serves as the area of Tuscany’s capital? A wild boar ragu is paired with their most well-liked pasta dish. The pork is succulent and richly flavored, and the sauce has a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors. At Biffi Ristorante they prepare classic dishes with an extra touch that makes them exceptional. For instance, they make one of their best dishes ever – lasagna al pesto genovese – using only fresh ingredients and homemade pesto sauce. It really doesn’t get much more authentic than this!

Osteria del Proconsolo
This eatery is evidence that you learn something after 50 years in the pasta industry. Since they first opened their doors in 1969, they have been feeding both residents and visitors with genuine Italian pasta. Even while we adore the tagliatelle, you really can’t go wrong with anything here. Whether it be cacio e pepe or amatriciana, this restaurant has it all. Their prices are modest, but not inexpensive by any means. We recommend spending at least €20 if you want to experience a true Tuscan meal.

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Tamero Pasta Bar
Tamero is one of Florence’s top locations for both pizza and pasta, and it should not be missed by anybody travelling there. The dining area is arranged in a lively, industrial manner, and they serve all of the traditional foods you are familiar with and adore. They have many delicious appetizers to start out your meal, and their pizzas are superb. Their menu includes wonderful varieties of homemade pastas as well as ravioli and gnocchi. All the dishes are freshly prepared to order, so come hungry!

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