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The Best Mountain Biking Countries in Europe

The Best Mountain Biking Countries in Europe

Mountain biking is an exciting sport, but it can also be a dangerous one. If you’re planning on going mountain biking in Europe, it’s important to choose your destination carefully. Many popular mountain bike locations are filled with tourists and are too busy or dangerous to be fun and safe for mountain bikers. Avoid this by reading about the best countries to visit for mountain biking in Europe and then picking one of these amazing destinations when you plan your vacation. You’ll have great fun and return home safely too!


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The French Alps are home to one of Europe’s top mountain riding regions. Many destinations, like Morzine, Avoriaz, and Les Deux Alpes, provide comfortable accommodations and are surrounded by difficult bike tracks with breathtaking panoramic views. You may visit the adjacent cities of Lyon and Grenoble to see what they have to offer after quenching your mountain riding desire. Europe has many other excellent biking countries including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. If you plan on visiting more than one country during your trip don’t forget that there is a Schengen visa for those who want easy access across borders.


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Want to go mountain riding and eat some delectable pizza and pasta? then on to the Italian Alps. The bike parks in Livigno, Mottolino and Carosello 3000, are perhaps the best in Italy for mountain biking, but you can also discover top-notch trails in and around Elba, Trento, and the Mediterranean coast. It’s a good idea to visit one of these spots with a friend so that you have someone who can provide medical assistance if needed. You should wear a helmet at all times and be well equipped with snacks, water and spare tubes just in case.

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Portugal is a great place for mountain riding, despite the fact that most people wouldn’t think so, and that is actually one of its charms. There are many fantastic bike parks and trails around the nation that are uncrowded and let you enjoy the ride at your own speed. Additionally, mountain riding is accessible all year long because of the warm environment. If there is too much rainfall or heat during summer, then it will be cooler during winter time. The country also has an abundant number of different species to be discovered by avid bikers, like dolphins and wolves!

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