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The Best Kept Secret in Los Angeles: The Delightful Coffee Bean Cafe

The Best Kept Secret in Los Angeles: The Delightful Coffee Bean Cafe

If you live in Los Angeles, there’s no doubt that you have seen the Delightful Coffee Bean Cafe (DCBC) on the side of the road or at least heard of it before. But have you ever stopped to see what they have inside? With a wide selection of food, drinks and treats, it’s probably one of the best kept secrets in LA!

The Ice Blendeds Are Truly Special
You’ve probably tasted Starbucks Frappuccinos, but Coffee Bean’s Ice Blendeds are nearly more sophisticated. With a taste that seems more refined than Starbucks, the flavour purity is almost too wonderful to be true. You can’t go wrong with the Pure Chocolate or the coffee-free Mocha combination. For people who want something sweet and light, try the Caramel Macchiato or Chai Tea Latte. If you’re looking for a spicy beverage, order an iced Chai Tea Latte—it’ll give you just enough of a kick to get your morning started off right!

Get Your Work Done
Coffee Bean gives you the chance to complete your work, much like Starbucks. Bring your laptop, plug it into an outlet, and take advantage of the limitless free Wi-Fi! If there are no seats left, just settle for a spot on the floor or on one of the couches. It is also very kid friendly; there are lots of children playing games on iPads while their parents enjoy their coffee at one of the tables or sofas. If you’re looking for a place where you can get some work done, have a coffee with friends, or just have a good time with kids or family members, visit this coffee bean cafe today!

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Great Food
You could grow hungry if you stay there for a long enough period of time. If so, you don’t need to worry because Coffee Bean provides amazing meals, including nutritious sandwiches, steak salad, and bagels with jalapeño cream cheese. They also offer breakfast items, such as oatmeal, blueberry muffins, eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs with feta and bacon. For those who have an aversion to coffee, they offer more traditional beverages such as hot tea and fruit juices.

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