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The 5 Can’t-Miss Tourist Attractions in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The 5 Can’t-Miss Tourist Attractions in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

If you’re traveling to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and have limited time in the city, these are the five must-see tourist attractions you can’t miss on your trip!
Abidjan, the largest city in Ivory Coast, is home to plenty of amazing things to see and do. Whether you’re visiting or living in the city, it’s important to take advantage of everything Abidjan has to offer; otherwise, you’ll be missing out on one of the most beautiful places in West Africa! From stunning parks and art museums to delicious restaurants and fun neighborhoods, here are the top 5 tourist attractions you should visit while in Abidjan!

1) Marché de Cocody

Marché de Cocody, the busiest market in Abidjan, is a unique location. You can spend hours navigating its maze of stalls and shops, where you can find everything from food and jewelry to antiques and souvenirs. The best part is that you may haggle as much as you like because the rates are not fixed.

2) Banco National Park

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Locals frequently visit Banco National Park for pleasure. The 116 square miles of this magnificent park are filled with various walking and hiking trails that will let you experience its varied flora and fauna.

3) Bassam Beach

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Without visiting one of the beaches in Abidjan, you won’t be able to truly enjoy the city. Bassam Beach is frequently singled out for its inviting palm trees, clean sea, white sand, and amenities, while the majority of them are well worth your time.

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4) St. Paul’s Cathedral

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A masterpiece of architecture, St. Paul’s Cathedral dominates the city’s skyline with its cutting-edge style. Seeing it in person is a unique experience because it is regarded as one of the biggest cathedrals in the entire globe.

5) Rue Princesse

The greatest location to experience Abidjan’s unparalleled nightlife is on Rue Princesse street, as we have indicated. Along with a wide variety of bars, nightclubs, and eateries, this area is home to the famous maquis, or open pubs, of the Ivory Coast.

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