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Surprising Pizza Places You Shouldn’t Miss in Rome

Surprising Pizza Places You Shouldn’t Miss in Rome

If you’re going to be in Rome, one thing you can’t miss is authentic pizza. While some of the best pizzas are sold in slices on the streets, there are some amazing restaurant locations where you can try great pizza made by expert chefs with ingredients from all over Italy. Here are 7 surprising pizza places you shouldn’t miss in Rome!

Trieste Pizza

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Trieste is a family-run pizzeria with multiple locations around Italy. They are most renowned for its pizzette, or small pizzas, which they have been producing since the 1950s. Visit their location on Via Urbana in Rome for pizzas handcrafted with organic dough, local cheeses, and fresh veggies. Ciro & Sons: Ciro & Sons makes all of their pasta from scratch as well as pizza. All of the ingredients that go into this Neapolitan style pizza come from Italian farms located near Naples, where pizzas originated from.

La Boccaccia

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La Boccaccia is proof that sometimes the smallest, most obscure eateries provide the tastiest cuisine. Pizza is sold by the slice at this pizzeria on Via di Santa Dorotea, but you decide how many slices you want as they charge by weight. All of their pizzas are crafted with fresh, regional ingredients in both traditional and unique combinations, including pumpkin gorgonzola. It may not be immediately apparent when you walk in, but there’s an entire wall of wine bottles to explore behind the counter. La Montecarlo: For a taste of Roman-style pizza made with San Marzano tomatoes and topped off with buffalo mozzarella di bufala from Caserta, visit this restaurant near Campo de’ Fiori.

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In a contemporary, industrial-style setting, Sbanco on Via Siria provides a more welcoming eating experience with appetisers and craft beer to enjoy alongside their pizza. They bake both traditional and inventive pies on flaky, light crusts that are wood-fired to perfection using basic ingredients. The dough is stretched by hand and the sauce is made from plum tomatoes imported from Italy’s southern regions. There is also a vegan option for those looking for a meatless alternative!

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