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Six Tips For Flying Economy Without Losing Your Sanity

Six Tips For Flying Economy Without Losing Your Sanity

Traveling via plane can be uncomfortable if you are in economy class, and it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right preparation, however, you can make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable regardless of whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally. These six tips will help you make your next plane ride a more pleasant experience, even if you’re in the back of the plane!

Invest in Good Headphones
Good headphones can be a lifesaver in economy class. They block out the noise of crying babies and chatty passengers, which means that you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. Plus, they’re a good investment because you won’t have to pay for those pesky inflight movies or TV shows!

Pack Light and Right
A big part of making flying economy comfortable is packing light and right. If you’re not a seasoned traveler, packing well can make all the difference in your experience. But don’t be discouraged if you’re an experienced flyer and still forget to pack some essentials – there’s always time for a quick run to the store before boarding the plane. Here are six suggestions for packing light that will help keep you sane during your next flight:
1) Pack only one carry-on bag with your essentials.

Prepare With Water
Pack a water bottle and fill it with water before you go to the airport. It’s much cheaper to buy bottled water at the airport, plus you’re less likely to forget about it as you board your flight.
If you have time, take a power nap before boarding your flight. This is an easy way to feel refreshed and ready for anything when you land.
Bring an eye mask and earplugs if you plan on sleeping during your flight.

Stay Organized
Since there’s not a lot of space in an airplane seat, it’s always important to have some kind of organization. Here are six tips for staying organized during your next flight:
1) Keep all your belongings in a carry-on bag that fits under the seat in front of you.
2) Pack light items like snacks and water in one small bag so you can easily access them without having to search around.
3) Wear clothes that are easy to take off and put on.

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Stretch Often
It’s a good idea to stretch your muscles throughout the flight to avoid stiffness and soreness.
Sitting for long periods of time can also cause blood to pool in the lower extremities, which is why it’s important to get up and walk around every hour.
If you’re having trouble sleeping on flights, try taking a nap during takeoff or just before landing.
Bringing along snacks is always a smart idea because airplane food often leaves much to be desired.

Keep in Mind That Planes are Loud
Flying in economy can be uncomfortable. The seats are cramped, the arm rests are too small, and you’re crammed up against a stranger for hours on end. But there’s a lot you can do to make your flight more enjoyable and less miserable. Here are tips for flying economy without losing your sanity.
1) Bring an inflatable neck pillow with you so that you’ll have something to use as a makeshift pillow or headrest when the seat-back in front of you is reclined and unavailable.

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