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Short Work Weeks: Why You Should Travel More to Maximize Your Time Off!

Short Work Weeks: Why You Should Travel More to Maximize Your Time Off!

It’s safe to say that most people don’t take full advantage of the number of vacation days they have each year. It’s easy to feel guilty about taking a few weeks off, but the time you spend away from your job shouldn’t be just another chore on your to-do list; it should be enjoyable!

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is the place for you if you’re more interested in unwinding than in working. With a 4-day, 7-hour workweek in the Netherlands, you spend 29.5 hours of your week working and the remaining time is free for bicycle sightseeing. The average American spends 45 hours at work each week. If they took the same amount of vacation days as most other countries (20), then they would have a total of 65 days off per year. If this person traveled like the Dutch, they would have almost two years off per year to explore every corner of their world!


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Denmark has a 32.5-hour work week, so there is plenty of time to explore the vibrant homes near Nyhavn harbour and discover more about the Vikings. Meanwhile, in Norway, their 41-hour work week provides ample time for hiking up Trolltunga in an effortless day trip. There’s no better way to spend your precious travel time than exploring the world around you with little stress or pressure! When your job is demanding and important, it’s nice to have the perfect balance between work and leisure. Here are a few more countries that have amazing leisure time:


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Only 33.6 hours are worked by Norwegians per week. How about the rest? The volcanoes and fjords are beckoning! Visit Sweden, one of the most scenic countries in Europe, as well as Denmark and Iceland while you’re there. Now that’s what we call a vacation! With all this time off, you could visit four different countries in six days. We’re not suggesting that this is for everyone; your company may not be able to accommodate such an arrangement with current staffing levels. There are benefits though for those who can swing it – less stress from feeling overworked and more time with family or friends on the weekends. And if you happen to find a new love interest at work (or on your trip), then suddenly shorter work weeks seem like they might be worth it after all!


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The South American nation still has a lot to learn about managing their time. Employees in Colombia work an average of 47.6 hours each week, which equates to 4 full days at their desks. As a result, the country with the shortest workweek also has one of the highest rates for missed school days for children. It’s no wonder that Colombian kids are only present for an average of 26 percent of school days. If you’re looking for somewhere to recharge your batteries, then Colombia is not it.

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