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Orient Express Set to Re-Launch in 2024

Orient Express Set to Re-Launch in 2024

The famous Orient Express train is set to be re-launched in 2024. The service will make its return with the same luxurious facilities and amenities which passengers enjoyed during the first incarnation of the Orient Express more than 100 years ago, including chef-prepared meals, impeccable service, and first-class accommodations. The new Orient Express will depart from London and end in Shanghai, traveling through three continents and nine countries over the course of two weeks, making stops at several major cities along the way. Tickets are available now!

Where Is the Iconic Train Now?
Now, you might be wondering where this famous train is at the moment. As it turns out, The Orient Express no longer operates as a luxury sleeper service like it once did back in the day. Instead, the interior of the train was reconstructed by Marriott Hotels and given a more modern look and feel. It was also renamed The Orient Express Marrakech. Along with getting an update on its exterior, the new brand offers unprecedented lodging packages for those looking for international travel accommodations.

What Is So Special About This Train?

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The trains were originally created by the private railway company Societe Internationale des Wagons-Lits (now known as SNCF), which at the time ran Europe’s national railways. It ran from 1883 until 1977. The train travelled overnight between Paris and Istanbul, stopping off at 30 cities along the way. Guests could choose from three different levels of luxury: first class, second class, or third class. The first class offered a butler service for all travelers and reserved carriages for dignitaries. Second class was less luxurious with four berth compartments that accommodated two people each. Third class only had benches with seats so close together that it was impossible to sit without touching your neighbor!

Why Did It Shut Down?
The Orient Express, the luxury rail line that connected European countries, first opened its doors on June 1st 1883. Fast forward 130 years and the railway finally shut down after financial difficulties. However, a group of investors are now hoping to reopen it once again for business in 2024.

Who Runs the Service Now?

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The train service is expected to have more than 16 cars and will be able to seat up to 76 passengers. There will also be lounge areas with wireless internet connection as well as satellite TV screens so you can watch your favorite show or movie while you travel. The new Orient Express will also feature a wider range of food options including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free dishes. If that’s not enough for you, the new trains will also offer personalized luggage tags for when you arrive at your destination.

Will They Use New Trains?
It’s still unknown whether the Orient Express will use new trains, as this is not yet confirmed. However, the new Orient Express will be a high-speed rail system connecting all of Europe and Asia, using Transiberian trains that were refurbished after being replaced by Russia’s Sapsan (a.k.a. Strizh) fleet.

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Where Does it Go Next?

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Only time will tell, but here are some of the places I would love to see the Orient Express travel: London, Ireland, Eastern Europe, China, India and Africa. The world is a vast place and there are so many incredible sites that need more than one day’s exploration. For example, what if we could explore Rome with multiple stops at the Vatican City, Colosseum and Pantheon? Or spend a few days exploring Edinburgh before heading back up north to Glasgow?
In an age where no journey is too far or too long for people who can afford it, why should destinations have their options limited by time? If you’re going to go somewhere, why not make it worth your while by exploring as much as possible? Why just fly into Tokyo when you can also take a side trip to Kyoto, Sapporo or Osaka? Wouldn’t this be better way to see all Japan has to offer than just flying into Tokyo, visiting only Tokyo and then flying out of Japan?

How Do I Book a Ticket?
People who are interested in booking a ticket with the Orient Express should visit the official website. If you’re looking for an exclusive experience, you can also reserve a seat on the Orient Express 2020 now. The future launch of the Orient Express is one that is going to have many people excited, and it will be interesting to see if it ever makes it back across Europe after this planned return.

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